EFT in Action: Work with Emotion: In an EFT Way

Work with emotion: In an EFT way

Now that we’ve arrived at an emotion, what do I do?

The AIEFT is excited to be hosting the workshops ‘Emotion focused therapy in action’, run by Barry Strmelj. These workshops are suitable for practitioners with a background in EFT training (at least EFT Level 1) and who utilise, or are looking to incorporate EFT into their work with clients.

*Each workshop is designed to be attended independently; there are no requirement to attend all of them.

Many therapies emphasise the importance of emotion but only in EFT is emotion placed at the centre of the client change process. What we do as EFT therapists when our client arrives at emotion will be the focus of this workshop. This is central to how we work with emotion in an EFT way. We will explore productive emotional processing, what it is and what it looks like, and look at the perceptual skills that an EFT therapists rely on to identify and promote clients’ productive emotional processing. The workshop will do a deep dive into this area of practice with the aim of sharpening your focus on emotion and better understanding the role of productive emotional processing in client change.

Each workshop in this series will offer a deep dive into an area of EFT practice to offer a deeper understanding of the practice area under consideration, to inspire confidence when working with clients in this way, and to provide a practice map for practitioners’ ongoing self-reflections and development.

About Barry Strmelj

Barry StrmeljBarry is a certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor and registered counselling psychologist working in private practice with individuals and couples. For many years, Barry has been a member of the AIEFT and participated in providing EFT training and supervision.

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