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AIEFT Members Directory

The following list includes Australian Institute of Emotion Focused Therapy (AIEFT) members who have completed various levels of Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) training.

*All listings and details are submitted by AIEFT members who have consented to their visibility on this directory and are committed to making EFT accessible to the community. Please note, AIEFT accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of members’ details. The inclusion of these providers on our website does not constitute sponsorship, endorsement, or recommendation of these providers and/or their services.

If you are interested in being included on the list, please consider becoming an AIEFT member.

*AIEFT Certified Therapists can be found here.


L1 =  Level 1 – 4 days of EFT training
L2 =  Level 2 – 4 days of EFT training
L3 =  Level 3 – 2 days of EFT training
C = Certified EFT Practitioner – the beginning of supervised work leading towards Certification
S = Certified EFT Supervisor

*Certified – meeting an internationally recognised standard of competence (International Society of Emotion Focused Therapy (isEFT).

Exclusively online

Immogen O'ConnorCounselling Psychologist - MPsyc (Counselling)L1, L2, L3, CTelehealthwww.headtoheartpsychology.com.au

South Australia

Vicky ZengCounsellor, MSc in CounsellingL1, L2, L3Adelaide, South Australiahttps://www.psychologytoday.com/au/counselling/vicky-zeng-adelaide-sa/721693


Suzanne Sharp Psychotherapist, Masters of Counselling and PsychotherapyL1St Kilda, Victoriahttps:/sharptherapy.net/
Ashley White Counselling Psychologist, MPsych (Couns)L1, L2, L3, C, SSouth Yarra, Victoriawww.mosaicpsychology.com.au
Anita Missiha Counseling Psychologist, MPsych(Coun)L1, L2, L3Surrey Hills, Victoriawww.insightfullivingco.com.au
Heidi Gaspar Psychologist / Creative Arts TherapistL1Malvern East, Victoriawww.heartexpression.com.au
Suzanne Hall Clinical Psychologist MPsych(Clin)L1, L2, L3Doncaster East, Victoriahttps://snpsychology.com.au/
Lee Taube Psychologist, MProfPsychL1, L2, L3Brunswick, Victoriahttps://www.transspace.org.au/
Chris Horan Clinical Psychologist, DPsych (Clinical), MAPSL1, L2, L3Caulfield, Victoriapsychology.org.au/resilience
Genevieve Rix Psychologist, MPsych (Couns)L1, L2, L3, CBallarat Central, Victoriahttps://www.emotionfocusedpsychology.com.au, https://www.modernmedicine.com.au/psychology/
Aude Plontz Psychologist, MPsych, PhDL1, L2, L3, CEast Melbourne, Victoriahttps://www.vcps.com.au/our_team/dr-aude-plontz/

Western Australia

Amelia Twiss Psychologist, MPsych(Org), Coaching Psychologist (MISCPAccred)L1, L2, L3 West Perth, West Australia twissconsulting.com.au

New Zealand

Dave SmitsClinical Psychologist (PhD)L1, L2Christchurch, New Zealandhttps://www.thepsychologyhub.co.nz


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