The International Society for Emotion Focused Therapy (isEFT) set the requirements for certification as an Emotion Focused Therapist. Certification through the AIEFT is therefore an internationally recognised qualification.

Requirements for Certification:

Level A: Completion of Basic EFT Training:

  1. Prior training and accreditation in some form of therapy;
  2. Completion of Level 1 and Level 2 training workshops (total of eight days) with an international certified EFT Trainer;
  3. EITHER    participation in at least 3 group supervision sessions with a certified EFT Supervisor and presentation for of an videoed EFT session of at least one hour;OR.  5 hours of individual EFT supervision with a certified EFT Supervisor and presentation of at least 2 videoed clients.
  4. Signed off by Supervisor as doing EFT to minimal degree rather than some other approach.

LEVEL B: Completion of EFT Supervised Practice

  1. Completion of Level A Basic Training;
  2. Direct supervision of own work with a certified EFT Supervisor (review of recordings), with a minimum of 2 clients either in individual or group format;
  3. Signed off by Supervisor to be using EFT to a moderate level of competence;
  4. Recommended practice with at least two client of at least 60 sessions of EFT including empathy, deepening and case formulation.

LEVEL C: Certified EFT Therapist

  1. Completion of Level B, Supervised Practice
  2. Evaluation of Therapist skills as competent for Certification based on:
    • Two videotaped sessions involving two different clients with active task work in them;
    • Brief case description including competent EFT case formulation;
    • Rated as competent by primary EFT supervisor on basis of:
      • Empathy
      • Marker identification
      • Emotional deepening
      • Appropriate use of tasks (focusing, reprocessing, enactment, active expression, alliance/interpersonal/relational work
      • Ability to think about clients in EFT terms (case formulation, process and marker identification, use of experiential formulation responses).

Completion of Level C is required to be listed as a Certified EFT Therapist of the AIEFT website.

For further information about the Standards for international certification, please refer to the isEFT website.

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